Saturday, April 23, 2011


1.  cutest shoes ever Rock on, Jeremy Scott.  Rock on, Adidas.

2.  This may be the fiercest video ever.  Britney ain't got nothing on this. Fierce Military Realness.

3.  Marc Jacobs Preppy Hayley Bag

4.  Yo Yo Dot Rain Tote It comes with a matching umbrella AND it has a slot for it!

5.  Prada Striped Canvas Ballet Flat  It's a good thing I can't fit in these, because I'd be broke.

6.  What makes this fierce? Brian Wilson's beard.

7.  The Sprain, a dance move that can truly stand up to the test of time.


9.  If we dress like this, no one will recognize us.

10.  Did you know that there is MORE THAN ONE Mike Vitar tribute video?  Frankly, there can never be enough, so I'm thrilled by this.  The others don't involve Michael Jackson though.

11.  3 words. About you baby.

12.  The Black Angels "Entrance Song"